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MAHALO volunteers for giving of your valuable time and energy to support WCC and this great local event.

Bottom Line, WCC volunteers received RAVE reviews and appreciation from the organizers, event staff and competitors for the outstanding job we did. This year we erected more bike racks than in the history of Lavaman AND we completed the area in record time.

Even with the delays created by the architect not showing up on Friday, WCC volunteers came through and the swim course came together beautifully Saturday morning.

The swim director also made a special point of thanking me for the great job our water safety patrol did. With the the OC6’s manning the outside corners and the OC1’s SUP, etc. spread out, you really kept a handle on things exactly as hoped for.

Oh, and to avoid any confusion on the beach next year, I have established a specific location to place the (2) OC6 canoes when we park them on the beach before the race. We will use cones to identify the beach location. Hopefully, it will reduce the need to run over sandcastles and tourists, although everyone on the beach appeared to enjoy the entertainment 🙂

Contact Phillip Beasley at (808)987-3969 or for additional information.