About & Contact

Our Mission

The purpose of Waikoloa Canoe Club is to strengthen family and community relationships, improve ourselves both mentally and physically, help eliminate social differences, create positive interdependence, and help preserve local customs and traditions by perpetuating the sport of outrigger canoe racing.

2020 Board Members

President: Chuck Pfaff

Vice President: Cliff Gilley

Treasurer: Glenn Leonberger

Secretary: Rami Ring

Head Coach:   Ed Teixeira

Board Member: Jim Albone

Board Member: Ronald Hayward

Board Member: Vicki Serrao

 Board Member:  Randy Anderlee

Board Member:  Bary Foster


General Inquiries

For general inquiries, please email info@waikoloacanoeclub.com.

Head Coach

Ed Teixeira can be contacted via email at headcoach@waikoloacanoeclub.com.

Assistant Coach, Junior Program

Ronald Hayward can be contacted via email at juniorprogramcoach@waikoloacanoeclub.com

Club President

Chcuk Pfaff can be contacted via email at president@waikoloacanoeclub.com.


Rami Ring can be contacted via email at secretary@waikoloacanoeclub.com.